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September 19, 2014

President’s Message (Bulletin Fall 2014)

New developments are always exciting. We use our past experiences and the comfort we feel in the present to intertwine in developing new and exciting products that fill the future with opportunity and innovation. That is how we feel about our new Simultaneous Remote Interpreting (SRI) service.

Able Translations has transformed the way in which simultaneous interpreting is offered by way of having our interpreters at a remote location. Using our proprietary process, we are able to o er our clients simultaneous interpreting without the costs associated with expensive booth and audio equipment rentals as well as interpreter travel and accommodation. Through a combination of video remote interpreting and a recently developed audio transfer protocol, we provide our clients with the richness and efficiency of simultaneous interpreting at a fraction of the cost. Our SRI services will improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of any conference, meeting and/or seminar where interpreting services are needed.

Our world is connected by technology, and strengthened by good old-fashion team work. We at Able feel that our team rivals the best, most competent, multinational teams. Combine that with cutting edge technology, we are confident that we have the required core competence to provide your organization with the added value that you deserve!

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