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Able Translations Ltd., established 1994, has been an integral part of the success stories of some of the fastest growing organizations worldwide. Our language services have helped these organizations gain ground in new markets. We can help you do the same.

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Translation Services

  • Double-Checked

    We always assign at least two language professionals to make sure everything is perfect

  • Guaranteed Quality

    ISO 9001:2008-registered and certified under the highest language industry standards

  • Tight Timelines?

    Best-practice project management standards keep us efficient and cost-effective

Interpretation Services

  • Multiple Modes

    Leaders in onsite Interpreting, telephone Interpreting, simultaneous remote interpreting and video interpreting

  • Global Provider

    With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, we've got you covered

  • Over 150 Languages

    We take pride in having one of the most comprehensive language lists in the industry

Multicultural Design

  • "Wow" Your Target Market

    Give your target market what they want - from fonts to photos

  • All Major File Types Accepted

    Send us your Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PDFs, or XML files. We can handle them.

  • Full Service

    From content creation to graphic design and more. Take Advantage of our full suite of services

Able Translations Wins the Consumer Choice Award

Able Translations has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award for business excellency in the interpretation and translation industry for the year of 2016. The award is given to businesses that provide only top quality services to their clients on a consistent basis.

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The Origin of Intelligence and Language

In the Stanley Kubrick classic, 2001 a Space Odyssey, the monkeys at the beginning of the movie are all fundamentally changed when the jet black obelisk is found. The general interpretation of this is that it is at that moment that intelligence is triggered within their minds which leads to the use of tools. While […]
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The Changing Landscape of Languages

Languages are always changing. They flow from generation to generation retaining similarities but always restructuring and adjusting to better suit the needs of the current generation. After all, language is just a set of symbolic sounds that resonate in unique ways in order to create a set of meanings for others. Therefore, as time goes […]
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Uncommon Customs: Pennsylvania Dutch

In cities and towns around the world computers, cellphones and other technologies are used to take shortcuts for daily tasks and activities. Cellphones have eased the ability to communicate, the internet has created easy access to information and cars have made faster to get from place to place. But there are a number of groups […]
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Uncommon Customs: The Haka

It is the Rugby World Cup and the team you are cheering for is lined up against the New Zealand All Blacks. The game is about to begin when the All Blacks line up in three rows, stare down the opposing team and perform the Haka. It is led off by loud chanting and followed […]
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