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December 24, 2014

President’s Message (Bulletin Winter 2015)

As we reflect on the past year and make plans for 2015 we realize more and more that the world as we know it is changing. We continue to see reduction in trade barriers as economies continue to embrace globalization.

Businesses will therefore need to align its marketing strategy in an effort to effectively compete in a global marketplace. As a result, the way we market our goods and services will have to reflect this phenomenon. Effectively translating one’s marketing materials and website will significantly impact an organization’s bottom line.

Marketing is all about communicating; if a company is unable to effectively communicate to its customers as a result of language barriers then the marketing efforts would have been futile. Communicating to consumers in their own language can bolster a company’s credibility and increase relevance while maintaining brand integrity and building loyalty.

Common Sense Advisory recently conducted a survey among top global brands and found that among businesses with foreign language websites, those that increased their translation budgets were 50% more likely to report an increase in total revenue than their Fortune 500 peers.

Translation is a worthwhile investment. Businesses have been utilizing translation services for decades and have been reaping the benefits. So get on board; make your business relevant and engaging, thereby transforming your operation.

Have a Productive and Prosperous 2015!

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